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Lifestyle Remedies for Sleep Apnea

There are some situations where you feel like you have stopped breathing for shorter periods while asleep. This condition is what is called sleep apnea and such people do not take in enough oxygen which might cause them to gasp and sometimes to wake up during the night. Such people will be sounding like they are snoring and also, they do not know that they have stopped breathing and assume that this is their normal sleeping cycle. This condition will bring a problem to the body like some mental issues, poor immune response, memory loss, and also a great risk to heart failure. Hence, here re the alternatives and lifestyle remedies for the sleep apnea condition.

If you maintain a healthy weight, you are therefore not likely to be facing this condition. Doctors highly recommend that you need to have lost weight so that you remain healthy. Obesity is a condition which will greatly contribute to the chances of sleep apnea. Your airways will always be clear when you are healthy and this is important to reduce the chances of sleep apnea. The weight reduction is much important since it will have to reduce the need for upper airway surgery and also be a long-lasting condition. But if you again regain the weight, the sleep apnea condition is likely to occur once more to your body.

Did you know that regular exercises are beneficial to the body functioning like increasing the strength, maintain the heart, and also control the sleep apnea condition? Then, you need to try yoga since it is among the best body exercises for you to carry on daily. Yoga has a high capability is increasing the respiratory strength which will in turn encourage the free flow of oxygen. If there is a decreased oxygen saturation in the blood is when the sleep apnea condition will have to dwell. There are various breathing exercises in yoga which will increase the concentration of oxygen in the blood hence, reducing the number of sleep interruptions that you might experience.

Altering the sleep position also has a great impact when it comes to sleep apnea control and elimination. Also, it will be important for you to improve your night rest. From statistics, most of the apnea conditions depend on how you are sleeping which states the sleeping posture. Using a humidifier also can be able to assist you to deal with this sleep apnea condition and this is a device that is able to increase the moisture concentration in the air. Did you know that dry air is not good for the respiratory system? Dry air can greatly irritate the body and by the use of a humidifier, you will be able to encourage clear breathing and decrease congestion.

Alcohol and smoking also are things that you have to try as much as possible to avoid when you want to control the sleep apnea condition. Alcohol is very dangerous since it will have to relax the throat muscles which are there to control your breathing. Hence, avoiding alcohol and smoking will be such an important effort for you to be able to deal with the sleep apnea condition. Following these lifestyle remedies, it will be much easier for you to deal with this sleep apnea condition.

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